Hi, I’m Tobias and I run the Surfaced Studio website and the Surfaced Studio YouTube channel. I create VFX & Film Making Edutainment and have been an avid user of Adobe After Effects for over a decade now.

It all began with a passion for photography. When DSLR cameras grew capable of taking high quality videos I was immediately hooked. I filmed anything that couldn’t outrun me and started to upload silly short films to YouTube.

I became increasingly interested in spicing up my video projects with VFX and Motion Graphics. And that’s when I discovered Adobe After Effects.

Adobe After Effects offered me everything I need to create cool video effects and add all sorts of visual trickery to my film projects. I use it to create complex title sequences or integrate 3D elements into my shots.

I love to teach everything I discover along the way and I hope that this website will be able to bring some of the passion I have for Adobe After Effects to you.

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